I am the Gemini who grew up an Army brat. Moving frequently fueled my love for travel, adaptation and re-invention. Having a drill instructor for a father instilled in me the balancing character of discipline and grit. Having a military mother taught me courage, independence and the power of silence in suffering.

I am the femme artist with messy hair and dirty feet. I have five star refinement in the way I want the world, appreciate its artful pleasures, luxurious fare and beautiful things. I also have the habit of flinging myself into challenges, diving in head first, arms flailing. I get delirious over following my feet into the adventure of wild places and untamed territory.

I am driven to dream. This blog is about what happens when you learn to stop being so rational and start pursuing your God-given desires. Go after that dream! You know, that fire in your gut that tempts you and taunts you but you quench the spirit because it doesn’t make sense in your sensible world. I am conducting an experiment. I believe that if I can throw off all that holds me back and run with all of my heart and all of my might and all of my faith and all of my courage that I can finally catch it, touch it, taste it. Whatever IT is. I am done with restraining myself. I am reclaiming my freedom.

mid-life redemption

Mid-August 2016 I went out alone into the wilderness, #nomakeup. For days I did not speak. I had no cell service nor Internet. In this quiet solitude I put all of the pieces of my life on the table. Nothing was sacred anymore. I picked up each and every piece of my life, examined it, and then asked myself, “Does it stay or does it go?” I let go of many things during this process, things that were precious to me. But in that solitude and clarity, I knew it was right and good. I also knew I needed a more serious personal pilgrimage, something that would take me to the edge of myself and then beyond. And so…

Mid-October 2016 I went on #walkabout. I started in Washington, where left the family business, a winery in which I was poised and prepared for ownership. I packed up my car and my 9yo pup (her name is Justice) and hit the road. I had no set schedule, no set plan, other than to follow my feet and to spend my time connecting with primal nature. My goal was to unplug, disconnect and clear the clutter in my mind so I could discover who I really am and what I really want.

I spent 10 weeks and 10,641 miles on this #roadtrip. I liked being in tune with my spirit and being in tune with nature. I liked the person I was becoming in the process. It was the me I always wanted to be. I started believing I could learn how to be this me all of the time.

My current project: I have taken on a new demand to put in 1,000 foot-miles in 2017, logging those miles across all 50 states. I am traveling simply again with Justice, camping and eating out of my picnic basket. I want to challenge myself to move my body each and every day, to connect with the land in a tangible way, to experience America the Beautiful in all of her diversity and to develop a better sense of place. I am also challenging myself to come out of my hiding place, to cease isolating myself, to be the real me, genuine and present among my people, to find my voice and to speak my truth, to be free.

Freedom: to move at will, to strive with confidence, to dream with a real expectation of achievement, to be regarded with respect.

The deets: I am Sonya Louise (translated: wise warrior). I am 43 years old and a recovering perfectionist. I am engaged to be married. My fiance and I were middle school sweethearts and high school adversaries, reunited on Facebook twenty-some years later, and we have been in a long distance relationship for the last six years. I have one beloved adult son, and I was delighted to welcome my first grandson into this world recently. I have two sisters, two brothers, three mothers, two fathers and a large, extended family that spans the entire continental US.

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